Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What footwear should I wear ?

A. I wear Keens for all of the Maui tours in my hike portfolio. Tevas & Chacos work well too. Running or tennis shoes are appropriate but keep in mind that they may get wet and/or muddy on the trail. Hiking boots will suffice but they may be overkill (bulky & cumbersome) unless you really need protection over your ankles.

Q. What clothes should I wear ?

A. I wear quick dry shorts and wicking short-sleeved shirts on all of my Maui tours. You can wear a swimsuit underneath or swim in your shorts like I do.

Q. Should I bring a camera ?

A. By all means, yes. If we get precipitation on the trail I carry a dry bag. You can also bring a zip lock bag to put your camera in. You can then place the zip lock bag in my dry bag.

Q. What about toilet facilities on the trail ?

A. Just give me a five minutes heads up on the trail and I will find you privacy. We can also make a pit stop on the drive enroute to the trailhead.

Q. Is it okay to throw away biodegradable items, like apple cores and banana peels ?

A. No one likes hiking a trail on Maui littered with other people's trash. Additionally, rodents and mongoose attract to these leftovers which in turn habitates them even more so to human foot traffic on the trail. We recommend you carry out whatever you carry in.

Q. How much water should I carry ?

A. Hawaii’s temperatures average in the 80’s year round. I recommend 1.5 liter's for the half-day Maui tours and you will want to double that for the full-day tours.

Q. Should I use a hiking stick?

A. It depends entirely on you. If you are in good physical condition and have a sense of balance coordination then I suggest not using an aid. The trails on Maui that I utilize are moderately foliated with an under story and hiking sticks can become cumbersome & awkward to use in that environment.

Q.Are there mosquitoes on Maui’s trails ?

Yes, there are mosquitoes on some of the trails. I carry repellant. You may want to bring your own repellant if you’re chemically sensitive or adverse to Deet (primary deterrent).

Q. Should I bring any valuables on the hike ?

A. Leave everything you place value on in your room on Maui (larger items). Only bring valuables that are small enough that you intend to carry in your day pack.

Q. What happens if it rains ?

A. The rain in Hawaii is warm so it's usually refreshing. I provide rain gear. I usually go rain or shine unless it's a real downpour. I never go if I ascertain that the trails are hazardous.

Q. Are gratuities accepted ?

A. If the hike has been one of the more memorable experiences you have had on this trip to Maui then by all means please do so. It will let the guide know he has done a good job !



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