Hiking on trails in Maui

The adventure and spellbinding beauty can all be seen and experienced in Maui. There are unparallel hiking opportunities on Maui. Experience hiking on Maui on numerous trails on the second largest island of Hawaii.

Hiking trails in Maui have plenty to offer. Hike on trails that pass through groves of bamboo leading to cascading waterfalls. Hike across mountain streams from one lush and foliated river bank to the other. Hike up valleys to destinations that can only be seen off the beaten path. You will be captivated by the untamed beauty of the Valley Isle.

The island of Maui has six different climatic zones. Haleakala rises to 10,023 feet with its sub-alpine zone. One usually needs a warm jacket during an early morning visit to Haleakala. The temperature towards the summit may dip near freezing point. For most other parts of Maui the climate is very pleasant with temperature varying between 70-85 degrees year round. Wind, temperature, rain and sun vary from one location to another in a dramatic way. This unique climate pattern of Maui makes hiking all the more enjoyable.

Whether you are on a hiking trip for the first time or you are a regular trail blazer, hiking on this island paradise is perfectly suitable for all levels of experience. Do a quick morning hike or prepare for a day long trek – the diverse trails of Maui have something to offer everyone. There are strenuous, moderate as well as easy rated trails for visitors to choose from.

To make your hiking on Maui more enjoyable make sure you carry all the necessary essentials. Most of the hiking trails are easy to access and have their own unique characteristics representing a diversity of ecological systems of Maui.

There is a choice of hiking tours in Maui. All you need to do is pick the appropriate rated level of trail, know your own skills and vett the guide. Hikes are best started in the morning. On every trail you will be enthralled by the natural beauty of Maui.

Maui is the perfect destination for those who want to explore a diverse range of activities. Experience an intimate natural retreat amid modern amenities. Start your day with a challenging hike and return to get rejuvenated with a Hawaii massage followed by a romantic dinner.



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